Quinnipiac Tonight: 10/08/2020


Ashley Cotto, Executive Producer: Quinnipiac Tonight

On the first episode of season 7, take a journey with Laura Smullen, Tyler Toledo, and some of our new cast members (Sam Dorielan, Isabella Caria, Autumn Hirsch, and Will Teare) to Quinnipiac’s not-so-chocolately Chocolate Factory. Check out our new advertisement for the Six Feet: A Park, featuring Fiona Stevens, Kayla Jarry, Tyler Toledo, and Isabella Caria. Play a game of COVID-19 Among Us with Liam Devlin, Lacey Ventura, Laura Smullen, and many more! Don’t forget to see how many masks you can fit on your face with Kira Beckerman, Nicole Miller, and Will Teare. Opened by Johnny Marquardt, our first show is sure to give you a hearty chuckle and a good start to the new school year!