Quinnipiac Tonight: Facebook Mom Intramurals, Crime Busters and Riz Ref

Tune in to this episode to see Carson Laundry, Nick Gregg and Gianna Strazzulla host the third show of the year for intramurals. Watch Facebook moms Jeff Fish, Jack Gatta, and Jamie Manley face off once again with Nicole Miller while she coaches Charley Novara and Strazzulla. Explore the mystery of the demise of Benjamin Darling in Crime Busters where Detective Aidan Flagg works to uncover out of friends Armaan Rochlani, Micheal Katz-Flynn, Nicole Miller, and Charley Novara who did it.

Run It Back comes on once again to tackle this week’s events with Armaan Rochlani and Grace Parisi. Finally with host Strazzulla find out who in Quinnipiac Tonight has the most Riz. The contestants are fellow host Gregg, cast member Sam Dorelain and Armaan Rochlani. All that on more live from the piazza it’s Quinnipiac Tonight!