Quinnipiac Tonight: Facebook Moms, Hypnosis, and Run It Back

Join our new cast for the first show of Quinnipiac Tonight. Follow along as Sean Valutkevich, Jeff Fish, and Charley Novara learn the ropes from veteran cast member, Sam Dorielan. Nicole Miller and Jack Gatta take the stage and take in the beauty of the Mount Carmel Campus, from the manicured lawn, to the fine dining experience offered in the student center.

Doctor Phil, played by Jeff Fish, makes an appearance to determine what is going on with the cast of Quinnipiac Tonight in a new improv game. Take a peak at what really goes on on the Quinnipiac parents page, participate in a few ice breakers, and fall into a trance, and more, live from the piazza, it’s Quinnipiac Tonight!