Quinnipiac Tonight: Jesus VS the Easter Bunny, Mr. Consent Youtube Challenge, Paw Patrol

Another thrilling episode for Quinnipiac Tonight, Summit Yearbook members Alex DeFusco and Casey Nedelka. Starting with an exhilarating performance as Jesus faces off against the Easter Bunny in an exhilarating boxing match starring Nedelka and Jack Gatta, Anthony Guadagna, and Rachael McKenna. Followed by an all too familiar type of media, the Youtube challenge with Mr.Consent. Watch as Michael Rodda, Michael Katz-Flynn, Michael Hanley, and Jack Gatta take part in Sean Valutkevich’s very-on challenge to win the golden egg.

Finally, The lovely show “Paw Patrol” takes a new form as Nedelka, Rodda, Valutkevich, Katz-Fkyn, Hanley, and Erin Russel create the Live P.P. Throughout the show enjoy the best of High School Superlatives.  You can watch all this and more, for fun and games tune in live from the piazza it’s Quinnipiac Tonight!