Quinnipiac Tonight: S5:E5

Join us for the fifth episode of Season 5 of Quinnipiac Tonight! In our special Thanksgiving-themed episode, we are featuring Annika Gustafsson, Amelia Griffin, and Stephanie Felix as our hosts. Sit in on the pitch meeting for new Macy’s Day Parade balloon ideas, and allow yourself to get hungry enough for the tasty meals ahead. Experience what the first Thanksgiving was really like, and then time travel back to the present to take part in an overly Italian version of this traditional meal. Once the food is finished, and you have avoided certain family members, take on the war that is Black Friday. If you have survived the purge, your next step is to get through a fight, translated by Alexa. After the feast is finished and the wars were fought, catch up on the Hot Goss regarding the real Hobbamock’s legend.