Quinnipiac Tonight Season Finale: Grace’s Apology, Five nights at ledges, Gossip with Grace

It’s the Season 9 Quinnipiac Tonight Finale! On this special episode, we have an all-star lineup of content and exciting fun adventures. Hitting strong first we have Grace Parisi apologizing to her youtube fans with Cait Turner assisting in the spectacle. Followed by a spooky encounter with Ledges, it’s Five Nights at Ledges. Casey McNichol is given the task from Michael (Mick) Hanely to survive 5 nights in the rough part of campus. McNichol runs into several complications from Rachael McKenna, Michael Rodda, Michael Katz Flynn, and Sean Valutkevich. Finally Jeff Fish takes her position.

Finally, throughout this special episode, we have Gossip with Grace not just once but twice. Grace first interviews McNichol, Turner, and Jamie Manley. Followed by a special who did it game with Q30TV’s Executive Board. All that and more, for the last time of Season 9, live from the piazza it’s Quinnipiac Tonight!