Quinnipiac Tonight: Ted’s Deyassified, OPERATION BARNACLE, IMPROV IMPOSTER

Tune into Quinnipiac Tonight for hilarious moments as Ben Kane, Neha Seenarine, Ethan Logue, and Michael LaRocca hosting for Barnacle. Take a trip back to our version of Neds Declassified, Ted’s Deyassified with Erin Russal, Mike Rodda, Jeff Fish and Sean Valutkevich. Enjoy our operation Barnacle while we steal Barnacles jokes, Luca Direnzo, Michael (Mick) Hanley, Mike Rodda, Jeff Fish, and Anthony Guadagna.

Finally a watch as our cast discerns who is the imposter among them as they travel through a storm of questions. With Erin Russel, Jamie Manely, Aidan Flagg, Jack Gatta and Grace Parisi.  All that and more, live from the piazza it’s Quinnipiac Tonight!