Quinnipiac Tonight: The Bobcat Zone, Women in Film, Date with a Film Major

Tune in to this episode to see Maya Huggins, Will Teare and Cait Turner host the fourth show of the year for Quinnipiac’s Screenwriters Guild, Quinnipiac Film Society, and Women in Film. Watch Maya, Jack Gatta, Charley Novara, and Michael Katz-Flynn write a script that comes to life. Experience a Horror Killer AA meeting with Will Teare who opens up to Aiden Stulberger. Witness Cait Tuner as she leads Women in Film, but with men. Following that, get drawn into the life of Charley Novara on a date with film major Will Teare.

Run It Back comes on once again this Halloween to tackle this week’s terrifying events with hosts Armaan Rochlani and Grace Parisi. Finally get taken through the enigma that is The Bobcat Zone with Jeff Fish as he tries to figure his way through this strange world where everyone is a Film major. All that and more, live from the piazza it’s Quinnipiac Tonight!