Quinnipiac Tonight: Weird First Year Questions, Roommate Contracts and Quad Cops

Join us as Residential Assistants (RA) Armaan Rochlani, Omar Saad and Brian Stefanski host the second show of Quinnipiac Tonight. Learn as the RAs take a break from the day to day task of being an RA such as roommate contracts, dealing with other day to day activity’s in RA Territories and some first years with some odd questions. From patrolling the halls to hosting programs, the Residential Assistants experience improv. Saad and Stefanski take part in an exciting game of Party Quirks along with cast members Grace Parisi, and Jack Gatta.

Our hosts and cast take a lie detector to see if they’re all telling the truth or they like to put a mask on their lies. Finally enjoy this weeks rendition of Run it Back as we tackle the news that has been going on in the world recently with hosts Rochlani and Parisi. All this and more live from the piazza it’s Quinnipiac Tonight!