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Six Films That Deserved More Awards Attention


The 10 Best Picture nominees were nothing short of amazing feats of filmmaking. A total of 53 films were nominated for Oscars in 2023, but many films earlier in the year were forgotten about or buried in the zeitgeist. Here are six films you should check out that were released this past year that maybe should’ve gotten an Oscar nod. 

The Iron Claw

This film is about the tragic true story of the Von Erich family in and out of the wrestling world. It is centered around Kevin Von Erich, brilliantly played by Zac Efron. Five of the six Von Erich brothers are depicted in the film and it shows each of their complicated relationships with their father. Their father, Fritz Von Erich, played by Holt McCallany, would push his sons to the absolute limit, and some he pushed in the most sinful ways. In terms of the Oscars, I think McCallany had the best chance for a nomination. Efron did amazing too, but it was a stacked year for the acting categories. 

Rye Lane

This British rom-com snuck under many people’s noses as it premiered at Sundance and then went right to Hulu. It’s about two strangers who just got out of a bad relationships as they navigate through a day in London. They are two opposites but they soon see that their differences complement each other. I found this movie delightful and hilarious. It was shot so uniquely and isn’t just a throwaway rom-com. It stars David Johnson and Vivian Oparah in the lead roles. I would have loved this to get a screenplay or cinematography nod but yet again, stacked year.

Flora and Son

This one might just be my favorite movie with no Oscar attention this year. This Apple TV+ movie takes place in Ireland as it explores a dysfunctional relationship between a mother and son. The mother, Eve Hewson, takes guitar lessons online and starts to fall for her American instructor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The son, Orén Kinlan, is a reckless kid passionate about rap. They soon connect through the power of music. Coming from the director of “Sing Street” and “Begin Again”, this movie should be a classic musical comedy. The songs are amazing and written so intelligently that it feels like the characters in the movie wrote them. The soundtrack deserved a nod and possibly the writing too.  


Another favorite from last year, “Air” follows the true story of Nike’s attempt to sign Michael Jordan and create the most popular sneaker of all time. Directed by Ben Affleck, it stars himself, Matt Damon, Viola Davis, Jason Bateman and Chis Tucker. The film shows the business side of the sports biopic and they couldn’t have done it better. The quick and clever dialog throughout could have snagged a screenplay nomination.  Both Viola Davis and Chris Tucker steal every scene they’re in too. 

Theater Camp

Possibly the best comedy of the year, this mockumentary follows a struggling performing arts camp as its founder Joan goes into a coma. Her son, who knows nothing about theater, takes over the business as he is trying to prevent the bank from taking the camp. The film stars Jimmy Tarto, Molly Gordan, Ayo Edebiri and Ben Platt. The shenanigans of the camp all lead up to a play honoring Joan. The film invites you into the theater kid world with open arms whether you are one, was one, or never experienced it. If anything from the film would get a nomination, it would be for the hilarious writing and songs.  

Talk to Me

This A24 flick was directed by Danny and Michael Philippou, who came from doing short films on YouTube. It’s about a group of teenagers who discover they can talk to spirits by holding onto an embalmed hand and saying the words “talk to me.” This Horror/Thriller is a perfect original horror film for a night with friends. It’s filled with interesting lore about the mysterious hand and great performances from the whole cast. Especially by Sophie Wilde who does a great job going from the friendly protagonist to becoming eerily possessed.  

While the Oscar-nominated films of 2023 were indeed spectacular, there are always hidden gems that slip through the cracks. The six movies highlighted here, from the heartbreaking tale of “The Iron Claw” to the laugh-out-loud moments of “Theater Camp,” each brought something unique to the screen that deserved a closer look. “Air” gave us a different view of sports history, “Rye Lane ” and “Flora and Son” touched our hearts in unexpected ways, and “Talk to Me” brought fresh scars. Whether it was the stirring performance or the clever writing, these films showed that great cinema doesn’t always come with an Oscar nod.  So, if you’re looking for something a bit different from last year’s cinematic offerings, these six overlooked films are worth your time.

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