Squid Game: Top Conspiracy Theories

Elizabeth Ippolito, TV Beat Reporter

Created by Hwang Dong-hyuk

The world has been obsessed with Netflix’s newest Korean Drama Squid Game, created by Hwang Dong-hyuk in 2021. The show was as close as you can get to cinematic perfection, and with is coming many conspiracies after it was aired. Here are the most mind-bending and intriguing conspiracy theories for Squid Game. Warning, there are spoilers ahead! 

  1. The masked guards picked the red card. In episode one, all players are asked to play a typical Korean card game called Ddakji. One player picks a red card and the other blue. One player tries to flip the other player’s card by slamming theirs onto the others. Gi-hun picked blue and ended up in the game, but viewers question what would happen if he had chosen red? Players in the game wear a teal jumpsuit in which viewers have linked to the blue card. Guards wear a red jumpsuit which curves the viewer’s curiosity.
  2. Next, Il-nam is Gi-hun’s father. This one is one of the most popular theories and has a lot of evidence behind it. First, Il-nam explains how October 24th, his son’s birthday, is a week away. At the end of the series, a police officer asks for Gi-hun’s date of birth which is October 31st – a week away from the 24th. Aside from the bond the two share, they both express that they are from a similar area. During the marble game, the two talks about their hometown’s and both are strikingly similar. Also, Il-nam explains that he wasn’t around for his son’s life, and the audience never hears mention of Gi-hun’s father.
  3. If the previous theory is correct, viewers believe that Il-nam planned the games for Gi-hun. Il-nam expresses that he loved playing these games and loved watching his son play them with his friends as well. Fans think Il-nam planned the games to have one last attempt to play with his son and take care of all his debt. Although it is a sweet act, killing hundreds of people isn’t a great way to bond with your kid after being absent for most of his life.
  4. Gi-hun dying his hair red is a symbol of him returning to the games as a worker rather than a player this time. Fans believe he will return as a worker in a possible season two and destroy the games from the inside out. 

Squid Game has raised lots of interesting theories in the way it is coated in drama and mystery. Fans can’t wait to see how they are addressed in season two and what other conspiracies will arise!