Student Media Showdown 2022

Coming up on our second ever Student Media Showdown competition, hosted by Gabby Brailovskiy and Isabella Foley, Q30TV, QBSN, WQAQ, and The Chronicle compete to be crowned Best Student Media Organization. The competition involves four rounds, including talent, a live trivia game, best on-air wear, and the final question. Alyssa Murphy joins us to represent Q30, Ben Kane represents QBSN, Will Deblis represents WQAQ, and Riley Milette is back to represent The Chronicle. The judges for this year’s competition include the four student media organization leaders Joe Logrippo, Ross Meglin, Jack Main, and Michael Sicoli.

The first round of our competition has the contestants showing off their one-of-a-kind talents. Alyssa stuns the audience with her singing skills, Will performs a very special dance to an Adele song, Riley reads us a poem he wrote, and Ben shows off his artistic talents!

We then move on to our live trivia game! The contestants are given questions based on student media and the person with the least amount of points is eliminated from the competition. We start off with a tie for first place from Alyssa and Ben, and after a long battle between Riley and Will, we, unfortunately, see Will be eliminated from the competition.

Our next round of the night is best on-air wear. Each organization has to worry about their personal style for their clubs, however now it is up to the judges to determine which outfit they like best! We got to see some unique looks from all of our contestants, but ultimately the judges decided that Alyssa Murphy was to be eliminated from this round.

Our last round of the night is the final question. The hosts toss it to the remaining two contestants, Riley and Ben, to ask them two pageant-style questions. It’s their last chance to make an impression on the judges and on the audience. After both responses are finished, the audience gets to text in their final vote, before the judges make a decision. As everyone is on the edge of their seats, the hosts receive an envelope from the judges and crown Riley Millette and The Chronicle as the winners for this year’s Student Media Showdown!