#THAT: 02/07/2022


Isabella Foley, Executive Producer: #THAT

Coming up on #THAT, Grace Doyle and Jess Brij-Raj are here for their on-air debut! Grace discusses the new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees and the latest on the Winter Olympics this year. Jess shares the news of Rihanna’s pregnancy and the new Kardashians show on Hulu. Then, hashtaggers Julia Schnarr and Emily McManaman give their thoughts on the new movie The Fallout on HBO Max.

Ben Kane and Audrey Scafati give the latest report on the new season of The Amazing Race! Up next, Haley Wynne joins us to give this week’s Trending Topics: the new “Wordle” craze, recent apple juice VS. orange juice debate, and Kim and Kanye’s social media battle. Manny Galicki breaks down the hottest gossip in this season of The Bachelor.

Haley Ruccio is here to give us this week’s Hollywood News Update. She discusses Halsey’s newly announced tour, the latest update on the new season of Celebrity Big Brother, and the return of the Tiger King.

Krista Birong takes a deep dive into #BookTok that has been blowing up recently and shares all of the trends that have been making their way through TikTok. Audrey Scafati joins the desk as the game show host for a new game, #GuessThatTweet, to test Grace and Jess on their celebrity Twitter knowledge. We celebrate Chris Rock and Ashton Kutcher’s birthdays.

All that and more…from Hamden to Hollywood we are your source for Quinnipiac’s entertainment news!