#THAT: 03/07/2022


A.J. Gugliotta and Carli Sanger are at the desk today to give you the latest entertainment news. A.J. discusses the decisions made by studios, such as Disney and Warner Bros, to pause future releases in Russia, as well as the box office success of the new Batman movie. Carli shares Emma Chamberlain’s announcement that she will be taking a break from YouTube and the exciting news of Skylar Astin joining the cast of Grey’s Anatomy. Audrey and Mason put a twist on the classic “Marvel Mondays” with a special “DC Mondays” to discuss their thoughts on The Batman.

A handful of hashtaggers that were fortunate enough to attend the Sundance Film Festival this year, review one of the now publicly release films, Fresh. Mason joins us for some Late Night Highlights. He talks about Dua Lipa’s superfan surprise, Oscar Isaac’s take on hosting SNL, and Trevor Noah’s raw thoughts on the Ukraine and Russia crisis. Bella and Mason introduce a brand new segment, “Hidden Gems of Connecticut”, by exploring the local Hamden video store.

Heather Owen is here to give her very first Hollywood News Update. She shares the news of Zendaya’s new Valentino collaboration, the release of a never-before-seen portrait of Princess Diana, and the new Fresh Prince of Bel Air reboot.

Entertainment Director, Corinna Caimi, reviews Avril Lavigne’s latest album. Armaan Rochlani hosts a new #GuessThat game where the hosts must compete to guess which movie was released first. The hosts share some good news of the week with stories about a man with a goal to set 52 more world records with his students and Jeopardy champion Christine Whelchel’s bravery as a cancer survivor.

All that and more, from Hamden to Hollywood we are your source for Quinnipiac’s entertainment news.