#THAT: 09/16/19


Kerry Golden and John McMahon host this episode of #THAT. In the first part of the show, they discuss the return of the Student Programming Boards’ “Tunes @ Noon”, a Lunar Moonfest celebration, and hear from Sean Raggio about New Haven’s annual College Night.

Samantha McCleery also gave the breakdown of this week’s Trending Topics; featuring Gigi Hadid being sued by ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik and James Cordon’s response to being fat-shamed online. Following right up, A.J. Roberts gives another tip on how to be more eco-friendly this semester, and Nina Kelly reviewed the movie sweeping through theaters everywhere, IT Chapter 2.

Gabby Brailvoskiy hit the chair to give the week’s Hollywood News Update. She and the hosts debated all about the admissions scandal, the Kardashians and more.

Finishing out, we hear from Q30 alumni Alex Tagileri about what she has been up to since graduation, and Kerry and John play a game of “Who Knows Who Best?”.

From Hamden to Hollywood, we are your source for Quinnipiac’s entertainment news!