#THAT 10/18/2021

Isabella Foley, Executive Producer: #THAT

This week on #THAT, Krista Birong and Julia Schnarr are here to give you the latest scoop on Hollywood news. Julia discusses Adele’s successful return to the music space and the new upcoming Batman movie. Krista shares the news of Addison Rae’s Tik Tok ban and Shane Dawson’s unexpected return to YouTube. Alex Kendall and Laine Dubin attend the local drive-in movie in Hamden and share their fun experience over the weekend.

A handful of hashtaggers talk about their most anticipated watches for the month of October and the variety of new TV shows and movies to be released in the coming weeks. Mason Glod is here to give us this week’s Hollywood Highs and Lows: upcoming DC Universe projects, Jonathan Goodwin’s unfortunate accident on America’s Got Talent Extreme, and a win for the IATSE in light of their plans to go on strike. Audrey Scafati and Manny Galicki review Harry Styles’ outfits from his “Love on Tour”.

Alex Kendall gives us the latest Hollywood News Update. She discusses Salma Hayek’s birthday party surprise, the new season of Netflix’s YOU, and the new Superman.

Julia Merolle and Emily McManaman review the latest episode of SNL, hosted by Rami Malek, and give us their thoughts on the comedy skits. To wrap up, Krista and Julia go head to head in a game of “Guess That Movie!” where they are given a set of emojis and they must figure out the movie being represented.