#THAT: 11/14/17


Kayla Hevey

This week on #THAT Alex Taglieri and John Welsh take the desk to bring you an update on Quinnipiac events. They discuss WQAQ’s Music for Meals event, GSA’s Drag Show, and QU Night at the shops at Yale which created a fun and free atmosphere for all Quinnipiac students.

Ryan Ansel and Maggie Smith take a twist on Trending Topics and they sing all the lateTwitterter buzz in a catchy song you’ll be singing all night!

Amanda Baran is here with this week’s Highs and Lows talking all the good and bad in the entertainment world. And, Taylor Sniffen comes on to discuss the latest news with the hosts.

All that and more, we are your source for Quinnipiac’s entertainment news.