#THAT: “64th Annual Grammy Awards”, Student Artist’s League Event, “The Last of Us”

Olivia Barrios-Johnson and Michael Katz-Flynn are at the desk for this week’s episode of #THAT. Olivia talks about Disney’s conflict with its employees and the Recording Academy honoring black artists. Michael discusses Alec Baldwin’s conviction and James Gunn announcing a new direction for DC. Haley Ruccio and Haley Wynne give us an exclusive look at the Quinnipiac Student Artist’s League event. A.J. Gugliotta, Michael Katz-Flynn, Alex Kendall, and Gigi Dupont discuss the new hit series, “The Last of Us.” Marcus Fereirra is here with Let’s Get Real, discussing the controversy surrounding “Squid Game: The Challenge”, Sylvester Stallone making his way into reality television, and “The Real Housewives of New York City: Legacy” being canceled. Emma Dinnan takes a trip to a Mac Saturn concert to give us an inside look. Hollywood News Update is back with Michael Rodda, talking about the highlights of the “64th Grammy Awards”, Rick Astley suing Yung Gravy over hit single “Betty”, and the Michael Jackson biopic casting. Olivia Barrios-Johnson gives us an analysis of the new Netflix Original Movie, “You People”. Our hosts Olivia and Michael play #Debate That, debating different TV series. All that and more, from Hamden to Hollywood, we are your source for Quinnipiac’s entertainment news.