#THAT: 09/05/2022

Grace Doyle and Julia Schnarr are at the desk for #THAT’s first show of the semester. Grace discusses Taylor Swift’s new album announcement. Julia talks about Halloweentown and the Bachelorette. Liz Ippolito and Haley Ruccio discuss their thoughts about the reality TV show Big Brother.

Armaan Rochlani sits down to interview stand-up comedian and star of Netflix show ‘The Circle’, John Franklin. Krista Birong is here for Trending Topics, talking about House of Dragons, Foo Fighters, and The Weeknd. A.J. Gugliotta is in the studio to talk about the new Lord of the Rings series, Rings of Power.

Hollywood News Update is back with Alex Kendall discussing Chris Rock, Addison Rae, and Tom Hanks. Laine Dubin ranked her top 5 performances at this year’s MTV VMAs. The hosts debate music from different decades and deliver some good news.

All that and more, from Hamden to Hollywood we are your source for Quinnipiac’s entertainment news.