#THAT: Drake Bell, The Mountain Film Festival, and Coachella

This week on #THAT Jack Muscatello and Carli Sanger take the desk to discuss Drake Bell’s disappearance, Jen Shah’s increased felony charges, the negative press behind “The Marvel’s” Trailer, and “Valerie’s Home Cooking” cancellation.

Haley Ruccio gives audiences an inside look at The Mountain Film Festival. Michael Rodda goes behind the scenes of the Quinnipiac Film Society’s spring production.

Laine Dubin fills audiences in on the best Coachella looks with this week’s Fashion Faves. She discusses Becky G, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Shawn Mendes’ iconic looks.

Michael Katz-Flynn discusses the history of video games. Marcus Ferreira is back with this week’s New York Minute discussing The Phantom of the Opera” final show, “Wicked” record run, and “Camelot”’s return to Broadway.

Music Beat Reporter Samantha Shaw is here to let audiences know what new artists to check out. The hosts play a game of #Ranked and fill audiences in on new shows coming out. All that and more from Hamden to Hollywood we are your source for Quinnipiac Entertainment news.