#THAT – Rapper Famous eyes mainstream success with upcoming album

The CT native is putting out his first LP on April 20th.


Matt Fortin, Associate Producer, #THAT

You may not have heard of him just yet. But make no mistake, Bridgeport-based rapper, Famous, is working to become just that. And his first full length album, coming out later this month, may do the trick.

It’s called ‘Ninedz’- a name that encapsulates his signature style and sound.

“My thing is I’m a 90s baby,” Famous said in a sit down interview at Hamden’s Redeemed Records. He’s sporting UCONN gear, flashy gold chains and a bright, genuine smile. “That gave me a good core of where my musical influence came from.”

Famous was born in New Haven as Kai Davis and has already established himself as an artist with a string of singles on SoundCloud. His work has garnered nearly 300,000 spins on the streaming service, giving him plenty of momentum and followers as he gears up for his next big release.

“Most people my age are 90s babies,” the rapper said of his growing following. “So what they hear from me is stuff they heard growing up as well. It’s like, ‘I know that song.’ It brings them back to when they were in the car with their mother or at a cookout or something.”

His latest release is a song called ‘Insecure,’ which is a remix of the song by Jazmine Sullivan and Bryson Tiller. It’s moody, atmospheric and retro– fitting seamlessly alongside his prior discography.

“I found my niche and I don’t feel like I have to change that.”

Don’t think he found that niche overnight, though. Famous has been working on his music for years now. He made his first song when he was just a freshman in high school.

“And since then, I’ve kind of been picking up the pace within music. Making more. Getting more comfortable in the studio.”

Then, in the summer of 2016, he got his first taste of fame. He took a stab at a freestyling challenge circling Twitter on a whim, and the reception could not have surprised him anymore.

“I put my phone down on my bed,” he said, remembering the moments after he posted the video. “And I kid you not, two seconds later, my phone was going off. I’ve never seen something like that in my life.”

Thousands of people were watching his freestyle. And many of them were reaching out to him, saying he was inspiring them with what he had to say.

“I never really know I would have an influence like that on people.”

Fast forward three years, and Famous is putting the finishing touches on his most personal project to date.

“I want to give you a storyline of where my life is right now and why I’m doing what I’m doing,” he said. “My story. My everything. From start to finish”

He says that it’s a shift to build an entire album, versus focusing solely on releasing singles.

“An album is more so a body of work,” Famous explained. “This is going to be the thing that makes people want to listen to me.”

And although he’s made major strides in his music career already, Famous has his eyes set on some pretty major aspirations.

“I’m shooting for a top 100 single in the next year,” he said.

As to where he wants to be in 10 years– “The Grammys.”

For now, though, Famous’ biggest focus is the release of ‘Nindz.’ The album will be available on all platforms April 20th.

“I’m going to let the music speak for itself.”