The Annual 25-Hour Film Challenge

Haley Ruccio

Quinnipiac’s annual 25-Hour Film Challenge hosted by the School of Communications was held from Nov. 5 to Nov. 6 this year. Haley Ruccio covered the event and interviewed various participants throughout the 25-hour period the groups had to create their short films.

She spoke with Chris Roush, the Dean of the School of Communications, about what the 25-Hour Film Challenge is and why he enjoys being part of it each year. She then talked with Charlie Lebron, a participant in the challenge, about what the first three hours of writing and filming had been like and what the most difficult challenge put on the contestants was.

Riley Evanko and Carlos Portal, members of the same group in the 25-Hour Film Challenge, described how the first six hours of filming had gone for their group and anticipated the future work they would have to do once they got to the post-production stage. Jen Moglia, an actor in one of the short films, discussed the constraints of sticking to the black-and-white classic film theme, and the benefits of participating in the 25-Hour Film Challenge.

The next day, Sebastian O’Hara spoke with Q30 about how the last few hours of the challenge were going, and how groups were working together to make sure the post-production process resulted in a satisfactory final product.