The King of Staten Island


Gabby Brailovskiy, Associate Producer #THAT

Pete Davidson’s new film, The King of Staten Island, was officially released this past Friday, June 12th. The movie, which is loosely based on Pete’s real life experiences, emphasizes the pain him and his family went through when losing his father, who was a firefighter. Pete took a comedic and dramatic approach to making this movie which made fans resonate with it that much more. His main idea for the movie was to show viewers what life could have been like for him if he never found comedy. 

Scott Carlin (Pete Davidson) is a 24-year-old male who seems to not have it together, at all. His main dream throughout the movie is to open a tattoo restaurant. However, Pete’s character is someone fans cannot help but root for. His clear issues that stem from losing his father to a hotel fire are seen throughout the movie. Scott’s mentality in the beginning of the film holds a lot of resentment towards how he lost his father. But eventually, at the end of the film, he sees that his father is a true hero who deserved a family just like anyone else. 

The King of Staten Island features a star studded cast from Bill Burr to Marissa Tomei and Maude Apatow. Each actor fit their role extremely well, which made the film that much more pleasant to watch. But the thing that made this film so special was the meaning behind all of it. Davidson has previously said in interviews that doing this film was very therapeutic because he was able to finally let go of those harsh feelings he has been holding onto. 

Pete described the movie as, “a love letter to my mom and trying to end that part of my life. I feel like maybe we got to a place where we can finally let go a little bit.”

Judd Apatow, the director of the movie also spoke about why he thinks this film is so special. He said, “You know it’s a really beautiful thing to share something that’s this hard with other people. It’s a real gift.”

The King of Staten Island is out now on video on demand. It is truly a must see this summer!