The Morning Show


Gabby Brailovskiy, Associate Producer of #THAT

Apple TV+’s new series, The Morning Show, has proved to be one of the most special and important shows to watch right now. It is unapologetically genuine in its delivery of the harsh reality that women have faced due to sexual harassment in the workplace. The show is loosely based on Matt Lauer’s fall from being the king of NBC and the Today show due to his involvement in a sexual assault scandal in the workplace. However, it focuses on so much more than just that. The Morning Show digs deep into each character and how much bigger this situation was as a whole. The problem was and is so much bigger than someone getting hurt. The issue that this show focused so dramatically on was how this was ever allowed or even happened. 

From the first episode, I could not put my computer away. I became hooked on the show and the story being told. Jennifer Aniston, who plays Alex Levy, is a huge reason as to why the series worked so well. Frankly, with an issue as important as this one, the character needs to be played by someone strong enough to handle the topic, and that was Aniston. After her former partner at the show, who was played by Steve Carrel, gets fired due to being a sexual predator, Aniston has to take matters into her own hands. Through her portrayal of Alex, viewers were able to see the strength that women need to have in this industry in order to be heard. Aniston’s character did not let circumstances and the powerful men in the industry belittle her. Instead, she made sure to be heard more than ever.

Reese Witherspoon’s character, Bradley Jackson, is the underdog that viewers cannot help but root for. Witherspoon’s character was discovered by The Morning Show and had an interview with Alex Levy. However, after being one of the only people to ever stand up to Alex, she ended up getting the role of a lifetime. Alex and Bradley, through a whirlwind of episodes, began to be the new co-hosts of the show. The most interesting part of Witherspoon’s portrayal of Bradley was her interest in learning more about Mitch and how the station ever let a situation as horrific as this one occurs. It really made me, as a viewer, wonder what goes on in industries that we may never know or think about. 

Steve Carrel played the dramatic role of Mitch with excellence. I truly believe the way Carrel played Mitch made viewers see the inhumanity that can occur in a media-run environment. It goes to show that there is a lot more than what meets the eye, specifically in television. We, as viewers, tend to forget there is a life behind cameras and segments that we do not see. The Morning Show further emphasized that. 

I would greatly recommend watching The Morning Show. It is an extremely powerful piece, as well as a reminder of how strong women were and are.