The Not-So-Complicated Review of Joshua Bassett’s “The Complicated Tour”


Samantha Shaw

On March 25, 2023, Joshua Bassett came to NYC to headline “The Complicated Tour”. As a multi-talented storyteller, the musician incorporated many different elements into his show, including his insane musical talent as well as his captivating fan engagement… so let’s break it down!


The Artist

Bassett is an American actor and singer-songwriter most notable for his leading role in “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” His first song “Common Sense” was released in April 2020 and he debuted his latest album “Sad Songs in a Hotel Room” on September 23, 2022. The musician has starred in various acting roles while keeping up with his music by sharing lyrics and tunes on his social media. 

The Performance

After the crowd started chanting his name, Bassett first appeared on stage by running out energetically screaming “New York City” and then immediately started singing his opener “Feel Something.” From that moment on, he did not miss a beat. Vocally, his performance was clean and smooth allowing every fan to hear him perfectly clearly even if they were in the back of the theater. This was incredibly impressive given that many of his songs use the full extent of his vocal range. Continuing on, he accompanied himself on the guitar and the piano which made the audience fall deeper in love with his musical talent. It highlighted the emotion that outpoured in the venue as well as the sheer awe of the audience. To add to this, Bassett jumped, skipped and danced around the stage during most of his songs. It was freeing, energetic and exciting for the musician’s fans to see his passion right in front of their eyes. 

Fan Interaction

What was most impressive about Bassett’s performance was his ability to interact with the crowd while on stage. The artist included his audience in the show by accepting gifts, handing out flowers, reading signs, holding hands, talking to them and even going into every area of the crowd to sing a song. It was truly beautiful to see how much Bassett wanted to connect with his fans to make it an experience that they will never forget. 

The Deeper Meanings

There is one thing that all of Bassett’s songs have in common: a deeper meaning. To bring light to his songs and life experience, the artist made time to converse with the audience, explaining key moments that led to something important he eventually wrote a song about. He discussed his near-death experience, the importance of being there for one another, mental health, how he found peace through Jesus Christ and many other powerful messages that resonated with the audience on a profound level. This not only enlightened people on the background of his work but also encouraged others to go make a difference.

The Complications

The show took place at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC, which offers general standing room on the floor and general balcony seating on the second and third levels. The swarm of heat and fans not being properly hydrated led to Bassett having to stop his show six times for fans needing medical assistance. Specifically, during his performance of “I’m Sorry,” he halted four times because of audience members passing out or feeling lightheaded and in need of water. The response team was able to quickly help, avoiding any dangerous situation from occurring. In addition, Bassett was able to take control by reminding everyone that they should throw their hands up in an “X” if they needed him to stop the show. Fans became more aware of the people around them and did not hesitate to inform the musician of any time something was wrong. This goes to show how caring Bassett is for his fans and the safety of everyone around him. 

The Experience

If you’re looking for a fun night filled with good music and good people, attend a Joshua Bassett concert. The artist’s music resonates with fans because of the very real and raw emotion that he presents along with his soothing melodies. In addition to the music, the atmosphere of the concert was immersive and impactful. It was so much more than just a concert but an experience because of how Bassett made the audience a part of the show. 


In conclusion, this musician has so much to say and inspires so many people with his music and message so don’t make this complicated and check out Joshua Bassett by using the links below!


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