House Speaker wants Quinnipiac President John Lahey removed from position

Samantha Moore

John Lahey

By Sami Moore

Connecticut House Speaker Brendan Sharkey believes that Quinnipiac University needs new leadership to improve its relationship with the Town of Hamden and its residents.

“I think Hamden residents have just had it,” he explained in an interview to NBC Connecticut on Tuesday. “They’re tired of the relationship that we have not had with the university.”

Sharkey not only represents Hamden in the General Assembly, but lives within walking distance of Quinnipiac.

In the interview, Sharkey continued to explain that he wants President John Lahey to be removed from his position. Sharkey believes that “going directly to the board of directors” to voice his concerns is the best way to achieve this.

Sharkey pointed out Lahey’s attendance at an off-campus May Weekend party as a reason that the university president is not fit for the position.

A video went viral of Lahey making a speech at the party, where he made light of recent controversies between Hamden and Quinnipiac. Lahey later issued an apology.

“Quinnipiac says things like ‘we care about underage drinking, we care about our impact on the community, we care about Hamden,’ and yet all of their actions speak the opposite” Sharkey said.

Quinnipiac’s Vice President for Public Affairs, Lynn Bushnell, released a statement saying, “We understand that there are issues associated with off-campus student housing in private homes that can be disruptive to our good neighbors in the Town of Hamden. There are many aspects of this situation that are frustrating to us as well, and we are in ongoing discussions with Mayor Leng and Council President Pascarella aimed at implementing remedies. We remain committed to that effort.”

John Lahey has been university President since 1987.