54 sex offenders in Hamden brings shock to some QU students

Courtesy: Patch.com

Courtesy: Patch.com

Jennifer Cuevas, Associate Producer

The Connecticut Sex Offender registry was updated by the Connecticut Department of Emergency services and public protection on Oct. 8 and has since reported  54 sex offenders currently living in Hamden.

The registry includes pictures, names, and addresses of the offenders. In the list are 7 offenders who were listed due to not complying with sex registry laws. While Quinnipiac is in its own corner of the town, the news shocked to students who believe the campus is relatively safe.

Health science major, Lydia Jones said that the number of sex offenders was scary and alarming when she first found out the news.

“It kinda puts you in this false sense of reality that you know the world is safe so it really just woke me up and made me realize I have to be vigilant wherever I go,” said Jones.

First-year students, Brooke Venkitachalam said these numbers should be brought to light on campus.

“I think it’s always something that should be addressed because with the difference in genders and how women always have had to be more cautious I think it’s not something that’s spoken about a lot,” said Venkitachalam.

The registry is public information that helps the public stay aware and cautious, especially those with young children. Additionally, the majority of sexual offenses happen between people who are familiar with one another, according to law enforcement officials.


Courtesy: Sex Offender Registry CT