Chris Longchamp will serve as the SGA Vice President for 2021-2022

Melanie Careri, Associate Producer: Q30 Newscast

Chris Longchamp will be serving as the new Vice President of the Student Government Association for the 2021-2022 term. Longchamp has been involved in SGA since his Sophomore year, serving as the Sophomore Senator and SGA Secretary.

Longchamp is ready to take on more responsibility.

I feel like I just accepted one of the hardest tasks at Quinnipiac University,” he said. “But my initial reaction is just excitement, ready to get to work and wanting to help students in any way I see fit.”

Longchamp recognizes that one of the biggest obstacles SGA will face is having an all-white, male Executive Board.

“I think advocating for marginalized students with an all-white board is going to be the toughest challenge that this Executive Board will face throughout the time it is serving the student body here at Quinnipiac, and we realize that,” he said.

Longchamp says he believes it’s important he and his fellow SGA Executive Board members do their research in the summer to prepare for the fall. He wants to continue pursuing the SGA’s strong relationships with multicultural committees and organizations to help ensure students get what they need.

“That will be a huge thing for us moving forward because if we don’t have them on our side then we’re not being the best advocates that we can be for the whole student body,” he said.

One of Longchamp’s goals as Vice President is to make sure the university provides more transparency for its students. He wants to see the administration provide more information about the institution. Longchamp worked on an initiative with Vice President-elect for finance about having the university be more informative about finances for students.

“We plan to keep continue that initiative and hopefully see it through until it’s completion, but obviously I would love to see administration be more transparent with other issues around campus, especially those revolving around the everyday lives of students, especially with the discrimination we’ve seen this semester,” he said. 

Another goal Longchamp has is to provide more school spirit on campus, especially when it comes to sports games. According to Longchamp, two thousand fans visit the People’s United Center for the men’s ice hockey games while women’s soccer and lacrosse games receive around one hundred to two hundred fans.

“I want to change that,” he said. “I want to partner with the spirit-based groups here on campus to incentivize students to go to those games some more because the female athletes do the same amount of work as the Men’s Ice Hockey team, yet they don’t get the same recognition.”

In addition, Longchamp also wants the SGA to add a diversity-based cabinet. So far, the SGA is in favor of the idea and is currently working on improving and implementing it for the fall.

In order for Longchamp to reach his goals, he will continue building strong relationships with the Quinnipiac administration and use his voice to bring ideas and concerns to the table.

“I think with the administration, knowing who I am and what power I hold here at the university for advocating for the students and for the betterment of their experience here at Quinnipiac, I think they will be more receptive to us when we push back against them if we have that professional relationship very early on,” he said. 

Longchamp is excited and ready to take on the position of SGA Vice President. He is willing to take a step back and realize the changes he can make in his new position.

“When I come here in the fall semester, I don’t think I’ll still have a good grasp about how powerful my voice is here on campus, but by the end of my time on SGA, I hope that I realize the true power of my words and how those words will affect what goes on here at Quinnipiac,” he said.