Director of Global Education, Andrea Hogan, passes away


Photo courtesy: Quinnipiac University

Brooke Reilly

Andrea Hogan, director of global education in the Department of Cultural and Global Engagement, passed away on Friday, July 12, peacefully in her home in New Haven, Connecticut. She leaves her husband, Joel Perez, and their two daughters, Elena and Rocio, extended family, and many friends in the Quinnipiac community.

Hogan assisted students by increasing their global perspectives and international studies at Quinnipiac since 2011. Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer, Don Sawyer, informed the university community of her passing through an email on Sunday afternoon.

“Andrea was known as a compassionate leader and an enthusiastic champion of our international and underrepresented students,” Sawyer said. 

Not only can transitioning into college be difficult, but so can moving to a new country. Hogan helped international students with this throughout her time at Quinnipiac. 

“She built a loving relationship with me, even before I came to the U.S. From the first day of orientation to the day I transferred out of QU, Andrea was with me the whole way,” former Quinnipiac student and an international student from Kadoma, Zimbabwe, Audrey Chigarira, said. “Although she was not around during the first month of school, she would email me to welcome me to the university, something I really appreciated. When she came back to campus, she emailed me to set up a time to meet up with her. She would randomly check up on me to see how I was doing and if I needed anything at all.” 

Georgina Lloyd, a rising senior and an international student from Manchester, England, echoed Chigarira’s fondness toward Hogan.

“Andrea was the first person I met when I arrived at Quinnipiac, and throughout my three years here, she continued to remain in contact,” Lloyd said. “She would check in on how I was doing, how my classes were going, and was always there to help me with anything I was struggling with. She made me feel like Quinnipiac was my home and that I would always have a place here.”

In 2012, Hogan’s work was recognized by NAFSA: Association of International Educators. She was awarded the James Leck Distinguished Service Award for outstanding service in the field of international education.  

“She helped build the international student community into an inclusive environment, meaning that when we came into college, we didn’t feel scared or alone,” Lloyd said. “We knew we were going to find other people like us.” 

She also impacted the faculty members that she worked with.

“It was an honor to work alongside such a compassionate, dedicated, and energetic colleague on a daily basis,” Sawyer said. “As a community, we send our heartfelt condolences and support to Andrea’s family.”

The university is offering support services to students, faculty and staff. Students can contact Counseling Services at 203-582-8680, and faculty and staff can reach the Employee Assistance Program, e4health, at 800-828-6025.

All who wish to pay their respects are welcome to the Hawley Lincoln Funeral Home, 424 Elm St., New Haven, on Tuesday, July 16 at 5 p.m., followed by a brief service at 7 p.m.

“Andrea genuinely cared and advocated for us international students who had no voice at QU [or] whose voices were suppressed,” Chigarira said. “She opened so many doors for us and paved [the] way for opportunities. I really hope her legacy and efforts to bringing diversity to QU will be carried on.”