Family owned business, Lyman Orchards


Kaye Paddyfote, News Director

It’s not every day where you see a family business that has been in operation for over 275 years. Lyman Orchards is located in Middlefield, CT and there is something for everyone.

You can pick your own apples, pumpkins, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and pears. Although you cannot pick anything right now, just a couple of weeks ago it was the season of picking your own pumpkins, and picking your own apples was just before that in September. Executive Vice President of Lyman Orchards, John Lyman said this is the first time where they ran out of apples so quickly.

Aside from picking your own fruit you can get lost in the corn maze, ride ponies, play golf, and shop at the farm market. 

Lyman never imagined that one day he would work/operate his family business because his parents never pressured him to do so however he feels that growing was in his blood. 

After college, he spent a year working on an apple orchard in Holland, and that’s when everything seemed to make sense. 

“That year away convinced me that I definitely want to come back and make a career with the family business,” Lyman said. 

John has three kids, one son and twin daughters, and just like his parents, he won’t pressure them into joining the business either.

“In the ninth generation [of Lymans] there are 100 family members, so I suspect we’ll get somebody from that generation,” Lyman said. “I’ve always felt the same way my parents told me, do it if you want to do it but don’t feel obligated.”

Due to COVID-19 there are certain guidelines you must follow when you’re at the orchard, one being masks have to be worn at all times.