Former Clubhouse location for sale

Site of ill-fated QU hotspot selling for nearly a quarter million dollars

Matt Fortin

The location of the former Quinnipiac watering hole, Clubhouse Café, has been put up for sale.

This comes just weeks after the bar was shut down indefinitely by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. The closure was prompted by a police raid, which uncovered over 100 underage customers.

The fate of the troubled biker bar has been uncertain ever since, but the property’s listing suggests that Clubhouse will not be returning as its former state.

3820 Whitney Avenue in Hamden was listed on Coldwell Banker’s website last Wednesday for $249,000. The seller touts the location’s proximity to Quinnipiac and the ‘many possibilities’ the building has the potential for.

And with Clubhouse out, Quinnipiac students are considering what they would want to see take the infamous bar’s place.

“Something with a bunch of games,” sophomore Lexi Tahinos said. “Like an arcade. That would be cool to go to.”

Adriana Iolascon says that above all, she wants to see something where her and her friends could spend time.

“Maybe something similar or like a restaurant where people can hang out,” she said. “Just to hang out with your friends. Something social”

Freshman Joey Ordonez isn’t convinced any new establishments could top Clubhouse.

“I’d like to see the exact same thing,” he said. “I think what they had going there worked and don’t fix what isn’t broken.”

Some Hamden residents aren’t convinced that another bar is the way to go.

“It shouldn’t be a bar,” Charmain Wallen said. “I think they could put something that could benefit youth in place of the bar.”

Clubhouse’s Instagram page is advertising a Gofundme page that is accepting donations to buy the location and “Make Clubhouse Great Again.” It’s unclear who started the fundraiser and is yet to receive any donations.

There is no word yet on a potential buyer or any offers made on the property. Stay with Q30 news as this story continues to develop.