How the QU Spirit Teletubbies tradition continues to liven up the student section


Katie Coen, Executive Producer: Newscast

QU Spirit brings a level of excitement to Quinnipiac University hockey games with the teletubbies, a tradition to students.

The teletubbies began over a decade ago at a Halloween hockey game. After a win, the students wore the suits for the rest of the season and the men’s ice hockey team continued to win.

President of QU Spirit Kelcie Killian says this tradition is important to all students at Quinnipiac.

“It’s something that started off of a win streak so it’s kind of like a good luck charm to QU hockey and for the whole student body,” Killian said.

Students in teletubbie suits are at the front of the student fan section at every home hockey game. Senior Gloria Ditommaso says they work to get the crowd involved in the game.

“I think the teletubbies definitely influence the crowd by just being really hyped up and get everyone involved and really just going all out so people don’t feel weird about being the one to yell,” Ditommaso said.

Senior Olivia DeCicco agrees and enjoys getting the crowd excited.

“The teletubbies set the pace for the game,” DeCicco said. “So if we’re excited, everyone else is usually excited.”

Killian feels grateful for the experiences the organization has given her throughout her college experience.

“Being a teletubby has definitely made me more of a confident and social person so that’s something I’m really grateful for about this org[anization],” Killian said.

QU Spirit is looking for new members to get involved to keep the Quinnipiac teletubbies legacy alive for next hockey season.