Newscast: 04/13/2022

On this week’s newscast, Jon Surratt and Jacob Resnick are on the desk to share all the recent Hamden and Quinnipiac updates.

The show starts off with the anchors sharing news of an accident on Whitney Avenue that caused traffic near the university. Joe Monte showcases students’ reactions to the last minute change at Wake the Giant. Jon Surratt shares the turnout at the Big Event after COVID impacted their attendance last year. 

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the Title IX office drove students around campus in a golf cart, Jacob Resnick has the details. Hannah Mirsky explains the addition of “micro courses” to the university curriculum.

In an exclusive Q30TV interview, Hephzibah Rajan spoke to the Vice President for Equity, Inclusion, and Leadership Development Don Sawyer about his experience at Quinnipiac University and how the Department of Cultural and Global Engagement (DCGE) and Title IX Office have grown under his leadership. Olivia Kettell spoke to law students who were recently elected to the National Black Law Students Association Northeast Region E-Board. 

For the politics segment, Jess Brij-Raj explains a new anti-abortion bill in Oklahoma and more. Lauren Clemons is in the studio to give the current temperatures across Connecticut and the forecast for the next week. Krista Birong shares the national news including an update on the Brooklyn subway station shooting. Dylan Sommer gives the sports report with updates on the baseball and softball teams.

To end the show, Katie Coen visited a local Hamden resident who turned her hobby into a small business selling honey and beeswax soap.