Newscast: 04/27/2022

On this week’s newscast, Abby Blackmore and Katie Coen are on the main desk to start the show.

Tim Malone has the details on Quinnipiac’s recent recognition for its sustainability efforts. Coen from the desk shares updates on this year’s graduation ceremonies. Joe Monte reports on the upcoming business start-up competition that students from Quinnipiac and Poland will be participating in.

Hephzibah Rajan gives information on the benefits and drawbacks of recent student loan freeze legislation followed by Hannah Smith who’s in the studio to give a political news update including the latest on the United States’ aid to Ukraine. The weather report this week is brought to you by Griffin Kass, who shares the local temperatures and gives a seven day forecast. 

Jess Brij-Raj is in the studio to discuss national news regarding new information on the upcoming trial concerning the death of George Floyd. Mike Hanley has all the sports updates on softball and men’s and women’s lacrosse.

Closing the newscast, Olivia Kettell gives a spotlight on a favorite local diner.