Newscast 10/06/2021

Samantha Perelli, Associate Producer: Newscast

This week on the Q30 Newscast, Gage Kilborne and Heather Owen take on the desk to discuss topics such as the Clery Report, SGA elections, the career fair and study abroad programs.

Samantha Perelli interviewed professors on their thoughts about adapting to teaching in-person classes this semester during the pandemic.

Grace McGuire gave us an international trip around the world, while Fiona Stevens provided the national news. 

Multiple new laws went into effect in the state of Connecticut on Oct. 1. Hannah Mirsky and Olivia Kettel talked to students about different laws to understand what this means for students at Quinnipiac.

Lastly, Dylan Sommer joined us in the studio to share the latest Quinnipiac sports updates.