Newscast 10/13/2021

Luca Triant, Executive Producer: Newscast

This week on the Q30 Newscast, Chris Longchamp and Corinna Caimi were in the studio to discuss the reopening of the York Hill pub, current COVID-19 numbers the university is facing and Indigenous Peoples Week.

Averial Evans spoke with international students across campus and asked what the hurdles were of staying at Quinnipiac during the Thanksgiving break. With class registration dates coming up soon, Luca Triant looked into how advising has changed since last school year and what students thought of the advising process.

Katie Coen was on the show to talk about news across the country, from a big marathon to one state’s struggle to hire school teachers. The weather has been hazy and unpredictable over the past few days, but Jessica Brij-Raj was in with the forecast of what will be going on this weekend and beyond.

Mason Glod was in the studio to give insight onto what has been happening in Washington D.C. and around for the political update. Fall sports is still going strong at Quinnipiac. Ethan Logue came on to discuss the hits.

Lastly, Jack Main visited a nearby farm to see what this local establishment was doing to put itself on the map.