On the Rocks opens its doors

Brooke Reilly, News Director

The new pub on the York Hill campus, On the Rocks, was packed with members of the Quinnipiac community as the ribbon was cut and a ceremony took place marking its official opening this past Friday.

“On the Rocks is a place that will bring together the Quinnipiac community and generate excitement and a vibrant atmosphere here on our campus,” Vice President and Dean of Students Monique Drucker said.

The idea began as a Student Government Association initiative in 2016. Alec Turner, vice president of his class, proposed turning the space in the Rocky Top Student Center into a game room. Administration was not able to work with him at the time, so the idea fell through. In 2018, the class of 2019 cabinet decided that they wanted to try this idea again but as a pub.

“On the Rocks is exactly what we hope for in terms of this partnership between our administration and our students in investing to build a stronger community and a stronger connected community that enhances student life here,” President Judy Olian said.

Class of 2019 SGA Vice President Allison Kuhn spearheaded this initiative along with the rest of the cabinet. 

“This grand opening is more than a celebration of a new facility,” Kuhn said. “It is a tangible example of what students can accomplish when they work together with the support of administration.”

The class of 2019 cabinet worked together to create a 25 page proposal to bring to administration explaining why a pub was wanted on campus.

“I met with Monique Drucker in her office saying, ‘I want a pub,’” Kuhn said. “And, Monique said, ‘show me that students want this, not in an online survey.’”

This led them to host several pub nights last year. After having a significant amount of attendance at these, Olian announced that a pub would come to campus.

“This doesn’t happen overnight,” Olian said. “It happens through a lot of partnerships and very hard work, starting with our students who instigated this.”

Olian went on to acknowledge Drucker and Student Affairs, Vice President for Facilities and Capital Planning Sal Filardi and facilities and more.

SGA President Austin Calvo discussed the importance of the SGA in making a difference in the student experience at Quinnipiac and shared some of the SGA’s accomplishments from this year.

“The student-driven change on this campus is the core purpose of this organization,” Calvo said. “If students want something bad enough on this campus, all we have to do is make our voices heard, and we’re fortunate enough to have support of administrators and an institution more than willing to meet us at the table and to understand both who we are and where we’re coming from.”

Calvo said that he believes a sense of tradition is still missing from Quinnipiac.

“This space is an opportunity to bring together students from all three campuses, alumni, faculty, staff, community members and so many more groups of people in order to truly represent the Quinnipiac that we are all an important part of,” Calvo said. “This is an opportunity to create traditions that will last decades.”

The event continued with an unveiling of the official logo, menu and the first set of events that will take place at On the Rocks. Attendees went into the space to play games, taste food and socialize.

“We hope that everyone feels the pride that I, at this moment, happen to feel with this special space that’s really student-oriented,” Olian said.