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Possible Hamden car tax could effect out of state students

Sarah Russell

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Living in Hamden may be getting more expensive if you’re from out of state come the New Year.

Hamden Mayor, Curt Leng, has proposed an out of state car tax program that he says can make the town a lot of money.

“$750,000 that is what the mayor is projecting we will make in revenue from out of state motorvehicle car tax,” Lauren Garrent, town councilwoman, said.

This means that students may be taxed for bringing their cars to school and living in Hamden, something students say they aren’t too pleased with.

“I would say paying a tax on a car in Hamden is pretty unfair,” Zach Leichter, senior, said. “Especially people who are here out of state we pay a lot of money, We put a lot of funds into this economy.”

Students from out of state could be paying more than $500 to park their car in Hamden for the year.

“It depends on how nice a car you have, it could be $500 a year it could be more,” Garrent explained.

Adding this tax on top of the price of tuition may make some students struggle finanically.

“It would defnitiely be tough just because you know tuition here isn’t cheap, living off-campus is even more expensive sometimes, food and everything—it’s tough to make ends meet sometimes,” Leichter said.

To tax these out of state cars, the town must prove the vehicle is parked in Hamden for six months out of the year.

“Where you pay property tax on your car is based on where that car spends the majority of the year, more than six months,” Garrent said.

Q30 News reached out to Mayor Curt Leng for comment but he did not get back to us in time.

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