Q30 Newscast: 12/05/18

Cali Kees

M.J. Baird and Kailee Heffler anchor this week’s newscast.

Olivia Schueller has the latest on an incident in which an uber driver followed a student into her residence hall.

Out of state students may have to start paying more money to attend Quinnipiac University, Hamden Mayor, Curt Leng is pushing to institute
a car tax on out of state registered vehicles. Sarah Russell has the story.

Kerry Golden is in studio with an update on everything happening in New Haven, Hartford and East Haven areas.

Temperatures are dropping across the state, Paul CaraccioLo has this weeks full weather forecast.

On Monday, several fraternities and sororities filed two law suits against Harvard University after they placed sanctions on students who decided to participate in single-gender finals clubs and greek organizations. Cali Kees spoke to members of Quinnipiac’s greek community who are outraged by this news.

Kelly Ryan has this weeks national news update, with a recap of George H. W. Bush’s funneral and how the Anchorage Alaska earthquake hit home for one Quinnipiac student.

From the ice to the court Emma Carmen has all things Bobcats sports.

All this and more on this week’s Q30 Newscast.