Q30 Newscast: Blue Lights, Student Debt Forgiveness and Live Student Politics Interview

Alex Kendall and Gage Kilborne are on the main desk this week and have all the updates. To start the show, Katie Coen has the story on the six blue lights that are down due to ongoing construction and how students feel about campus safety. Alex shares information on the partial opening of the new Recreation and Wellness Center including a look at the new space. Gage outlines the university’s updated COVID-19 policies including guidance for reporting positive tests and isolation protocols and Alex previews Quinnipiac’s newest theatre production “Fallen Angels” premiering over the weekend. The anchors also discuss events held on campus this week including the newest inclusive conversation presented by the Department of Cultural and Global Engagement’s for fostering community for LGBTQIA+ students on campus and the School of Communications’ influencer panel.

Vanessa Blasi spoke with two representatives from Quinnipiac Democrats and College Republicans in a live interview regarding the organizations’ annual debate held earlier in the evening. Elizabeth Ippolito is in the studio to share a seven-day forecast and temperatures around the state of Connecticut. Joe Monte spoke with a Political Science professor and Quinnipiac students about the recent hold on President Biden’s student debt relief plan. Julia Barcello is also in the studio to discuss national news including a recent shooting at a St. Louis High School, the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on students and tourists who became trapped in the Grand Canyon.

Gage has updates on the Esports team from Quinnipiac that won its conference championship over the weekend. Hannah Smith joins the show to provide updates on Quinnipiac athletics including men’s ice hockey, volleyball and women’s soccer as they finish their regular season. Alex also shares information on the Boomer’s Boo Bash being held over the weekend.

For National Pumpkin Day, the anchors recap pumpkin-themed events around campus such as “Pumpkin Fest” hosted by Quinnipiac Dining and QTHON’s pumpkin painting contest. To close the show, Julien Mercado Bonanno also visited a nearby pumpkin patch at Clover Nook Farm to learn about how they prepare for the fall season and Halloween.