Q30 Newscast: Campus Tennis Courts, Bobcat Sightings and Gun Control Activist Speaker

Vanessa Blasi and Samantha Perelli are on the main desk for this edition of the Q30 Newscast. Keenan Mills has the story on the university’s recently-approved plan to bring the tennis courts back to the main campus at the expense of some parking spaces. Vanessa and Samantha share the results from this year’s Student Government Association election results. Katie Coen has more on recent bobcat sightings around the state.

Quinnipiac Democrats hosted gun control activist and Parkland, FL school shooting survivor David Hogg; Olivia Kettell shares which topics he spoke to students about. Julia Barcello has updates on recent political news including President Biden’s announcement about running for re-election. Sydney Weimer reports from Sleeping Giant State Park about Arbor Day’s history and ways to participate.

Joey O’Donoghue is in the studio with the upcoming seven-day forecast and temperatures around the state. Andrew Reynolds looked into the increasingly popular technology of artificial intelligence-generated music. Casey Nedelka shares national news from this week including CNN and Fox parting ways with their anchors. Hannah Smith has the latest on all things QU athletics including the golf and tennis teams winning the MAAC. To close the show, the anchors highlight the Student Artists’ League arts festival this past Sunday.