Q30 Newscast: Graduation Changes, School of Medicine’s Tenth Class and Mental Health Awareness

Katie Coen and Olivia Kettell are on the main desk for the final Q30 Newscast of the semester. Samantha Perelli has more on new inclusive changes being made to the graduation ceremonies this year. Sydney Weimer shares how the School of Medicine is honoring their tenth graduating class. Keenan Mills visited a local event in Hamden to kick off Mental Health Awareness Month.

Tim Malone has updates on recent political news including negotiations about the debt ceiling. Andrew Reynolds is in the studio with the upcoming seven-day forecast and temperatures around the state. Julia Barcello has more on the walk held on campus this past weekend to honor Connecticut’s longest-standing news anchor at any station and a cause important to her.

Nick Antoniadis shares national news from this week including a lawsuit that the Federal Aviation Administration is involved in. David Kloepfer has the latest on all things QU athletics including successful ends to some teams’ regular seasons. To close the show, Vanessa Blasi spoke with a student who is taking on the national pageant stage for the latest edition of QuinniPeople.