Q30 Newscast: Midterm Election Results, Veterans Day and Local Food Pantry Lead by Quinnipiac Student

Santino Maione and Clever Streich are on the main desk and have all the updates including midterm election results locally and nationally. Keith Savage starts off the show by speaking with voters in Hamden about this year’s elections and the anchors recap results from the state of Connecticut including governor, congress and the question of early voting. Katie Coen has more details on these statewide elections including the close race in the state’s fifth district. Julia Barcello joins us to provide political news updates from elections around the country, including Pennsylvania, Ohio and Georgia’s senate races.

The anchors share important upcoming dates for COVID-19 booster shots on campus as well as tuition payment due dates for the upcoming semesters. Santino recaps the “Queer at QU” panel held earlier that evening and what participants of the panel talked about. Tim Malone visited a local food pantry and spoke with the Quinnipiac Law student who leads the volunteer efforts. Ethan Logue is in the studio to provide the weather forecast for the upcoming week and temperatures around the state.

Santino and Clever also share information on Veterans Day including what is done at the university to celebrate, both student and faculty thoughts on the veteran experience at Quinnipiac and the guest author who came to speak about his new novel inspired in part by his military service. Clever also has the details on how local restaurants are celebrating the holiday including a restaurant in New Haven who partners with local veteran organizations to hold a free breakfast. Griffin Kass is also in the studio for this week’s national news segment to discuss updates from the U.S.-Mexico border, incoming tropical storm Nicole and the U.N.’s new report on global temperatures. Brittney Bronleben joins the show for this week’s sports update including men’s and women’s hockey and women’s soccer. To close the show, Vanessa Blasi visited a new clothing store in New Haven to learn about the owner and designer.