Quinnipiac plans to open new podcast studio

Kailee Heffler

After the closing of WQUN, a Quinnipiac owned and operated radio station, the university has made plans to distribute the old equipment as well as provide a new podcasting studio on campus.

One of the organizations on campus receiving the equipment is WQAQ, a student-run radio station at Quinnipiac.

“The process was pretty straightforward,” General Manager of WQAQ, Dan Bahl said. “I submitted a typed list to our advisor, David McGraw, all of the equipment I thought would help WQAQ.”

The equipment will help enhance the already professional environment of WQAQ.

“We, over the last few years, have been trying to really get the best technology best software we can to make our station a training ground,” Bahl said.

The School of Communications is also opening a new podcasting studio. The studio will be in CCE 150 and is scheduled to open later this year.

“The podcast studio came about after the closing of WQUN and it’s a way to tie in what’s going on here in the school of communications in terms of teaching,” Dean of the School of Communications Chris Roush said.