Quinnipiac Receives Approval from Hamden Planning and Zoning Committee

Hannah Mirsky

Hephzibah Rajan, Q30 Newscast Associate Producer

Hamden Planning and Zoning Committee approved the construction for the new Recreation and Wellness Center Monday night on Feb. 23.

The final construction drawings are expected to arrive on Monday and renovations are set to begin somewhere between March and early April. Fencing could go up as early as mid-March and the project will last until the summer of 2022.

Tennis Courts are set to be fenced by mid-March at the earliest.

“I think the Planning and Zoning committee approving this is the right step in the next direction for not only attracting students, but upgrading our current experience in the Fitness Center.” a second-year student, Nathan Latina said.

The original plan to open the center in the fall of 2021 was changed due to COVID-19. Salvatore G. Filardi, the vice president for facilities and capital planning, expects the ongoing pandemic to cause minor problems for the construction but hopes the distribution of vaccines will lessen the impact.

The present recreation center will not be changed or redesigned, except for small refurbishments.

“It is not our intention to renovate the existing building but we will do some renovations, boosting up of the corridors so that when you walk through the space, it’ll all feel like new space,” Filardi said.

Although no changes will be added now, there are plans to change the current Recreation Center in the future.

Future Recreation and Wellness Center

“In our master planning, we’re looking at what other needs need to happen in that space and how do we improve it. There is a small project to modify some of the weight area after the new addition is built,” Filardi said.

The renovations will also open up research opportunities for students in the School of Health Sciences and the School of Medicine.

“A part of this whole thing is trying to bring the academics into this as well,” the Chief Experience Officer, Tom Ellet added. “We certainly are going to try to give opportunities for students to do some practical work and also experimental teaching as well.”

There will be plenty of green space in the construction outlines, including two of the studios on the top floor to be built to open up into a courtyard.

Sustainable ideas are being implemented into the construction of the new facilities. Green walls inside the building and photovoltaic energy on the roof are among the few sustainable measures that will be applied.

When asked if there would be an increase in tuition or housing fee, Salvatore denied it, saying the project was budgeted as part of the annual budgeting process.

Salvatore thinks it would be foolish of the community to not expect inconveniences due to the construction, but assures their goal was to ensure that such inconveniences can be avoided.

This renovation is just the first step towards Quinnipiac’s 10-year master plan.