Second executive board member resigns from SGA this year

Hephzibah Rajan

Austin Calvo announced Esau Greene’s resignation from the Student Government Association’s executive board meeting on Wednesday. Greene is the second member of SGA’s executive board to step down this year.

“As you may have noticed from the agenda, Esau has stepped down,” Calvo said. “He is not here today because he was going to D.C. to not be here regardless. That does not have an impact on him stepping down. He has resigned for personal reasons. I’m not going to divulge those here.”

When asked why Greene decided to step down, he said he wanted to focus on his grades and education.

Greene’s resignation came as a shock to certain executive board members, but they seem to be coping with it. There are four weeks until the general elections for next year. The election committee decided not to fill his position because they felt that the SGA would be endorsing a candidate for the general election.

When asked if the constitution allows for the president to take on the responsibilities of another executive board member, Kelly Reynolds, vice president of the class of 2020, claimed that it was fine to do so. If something comes up, Calvo could always ask the other e-board members for help.

“It does not need to be filled when the election is sixty days away,” Reynolds said. “Instead of just leaving that position completely vacant and not addressing and recognizing the student experience aspect, we decided to have Austin.”

Calvo is confident that he can take over Greene’s responsibilities as he held the position of vice president for student experience for a year and a half.

“I mean, I just hope everyone knows we’ll be okay with this happening,” Calvo said. “I’m confident in my ability to do everything Esau was planning to do and wanted to do, everything he said in his platform when he was running, to still create the culture he wanted to create, to still create the culture he was elected to create.”

Calvo said the student government will continue to stand by the student body and fulfill their wishes.