Spring weather lowers class attendance

Luca Triant

With spring in full swing and temperatures rising, more students can be found outside on the quad. While these sunny days breathe life at Quinnipiac, some students will sacrifice their class time to spend more time soaking up the sun.

“I probably would skip class if the day was nice,” Mehar Kirmani, a senior at Quinnipiac, said. “Especially since I’m a senior, I kind of want to enjoy my last few days here.”

Another student, Guhan Aravinthan, agreed.

“100%. Just because it’s just annoying to be inside,” Aravinthan said. “I’d like to be outside.”

Students also notice how class attendance will drop when the sun is shining. However, they aren’t the only ones to notice. Some professors also took note of the decrease in student attendance.

“It’s really not a good thing. First of all, you fall behind in material, you have to make it up another time,” Professor Frederick Scholl, associate teaching professor of cybersecurity, said. “Professors don’t really like it if you don’t show up even though it might not be required, so if you keep missing classes you don’t look good in their eyes.”

Some professors at Quinnipiac have tried to look at why students may be skipping classes. John Goepfrich, a senior academic specialist at the Learning Commons, explained a possible reason why students are trying to take advantage of the more recent, nicer days.

“We got hit by a tornado, the mountain got closed and the fall was just rainy. We haven’t had that nice day yet,” Goepfrich said.

Students have suggested the university should plan activities or events outside, but as the semester is ending and finals are around the corner skipping class for the good weather may cast a dark cloud over class performance.