Student Government Association update: 11/28/18


Nhung An

President Judy Olian and Vice-President and Provost Mark Thompson, updated the Student Government Association on the Universities new strategic plan at the general board meeting this Wednesday.

Olian and Thompson came with a presentation to make changes that they hope will help better support the Quinnipiac community.

“This is the pivotal time for us to engage in strategic planning,” Olian said at the beginning of her presentation.

Their focus was on five themes, assigned to five task force groups: attracting and retaining talented and diverse students; enhancing distinctive learning experience; transforming student experience and organizations; investing in faculty and staff excellence; and supporting and attracting graduates.

But the short term goal focuses on renovation. President Olian wants to invest in more classrooms and labs, fix damages caused by the tornado in May, scope out the wellness center, as well as upgrading students’ residential halls.

Thompson said the task force groups will be working around the five themes to improve diversity in the student body as well as faculty and staff. They will also work on improving curricula as Thompson wants to reduce night classes. He also wants to provide students with more opportunities to attend events and organizations’ meetings.