Students enjoy cultural night

Kaye Paddyfote

Quinnipiac’s Multicultural Student Leadership Council (MSLC) hosted its Culture Night on Tuesday, March 3.

The night consisted of food from different cultures and a series of games and prizes in the piazza. The organizations that were present were the Black Student Union (BSU), Italian Cultural Society (ISA), Latino Cultural Society (LCS), Asian Student Alliance (ASA), Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA), International Student Association (ISA), Italian Cultural Society (ICS), Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Quinnipiac University Irish Club (QUIC).

Out of all the foods that were there, one student’s favorite was the Latino food.

“I like the rice and beans and pernil, which is basically like pork for us [people who identify as latino],” said Reyna Villar, vice president of finance for MSLC. “It’s a really great dish, it’s something that my grandma makes every year and so for me, it has a special meaning.”

The purpose of this event was to highlight the many different cultures Quinnipiac has to offer.

“It’s basically an event where we bring in food from all over the world,” Villar said. “We do different performances from different countries just to kind of educate the students on the different cultures we have present on campus.”

Bringing students together from different cultures and backgrounds helped show the different cultures Quinnipiac has to offer. Pratibha Thippa, MSLC program and communications director, hoped that students who come out to cultural night understand that “there is a cultural diversity that exists and there are a lot of different experiences that people come with.”

If students are interested in getting involved with multicultural organizations they are encouraged to join. General meetings can be found on DoYouQU and each organization is open to all students of any race and background.