Students gather on Bobcat Way despite Frozen Four loss


Samantha Moore

By Jenelle Cadigan

The Quinnipiac Men’s Ice Hockey team fell to North Dakota 5-1 in the championship game of the 2016 Frozen Four.

Despite the loss, students once again gathered on Bobcat Way, but seemed to be heeding the warning sent out by Monique Drucker, vice president and dean of students.

“Quinnipiac Public Safety, Student Affairs and the Hamden Police Department are working together to ensure a safe environment on Saturday night for all of our students,” the email read. “Any students who are arrested or are documented damaging or destroying property or engaging in dangerous behavior may be immediately suspended from the University, in addition to possible criminal charges.”

According to a statement released by the University following Thursday’s post-game events, Maxime Giesen and Robert S. Amonica, both Quinnipiac students, were arrested and charged with first-degree criminal mischief by the Hamden Police Department. Both are suspended and are awaiting student conduct meetings.

As for tonight, it was all-hands-on-deck to prevent things from getting out of hand. Facilities locked all doors to classroom buildings; police officers strung together zip-tie handcuffs; residential life and public safety staff took their positions lining Bobcat Way.

When students began exiting the residence halls, the mood was noticeably more somber than celebratory. Many students said they came back out tonight because of curiosity instead of camaraderie.

“I think people take this sport way too seriously,” said freshman Bryan Fitzgerald. “I’m just sort of sticking around to see what happens.”

Other students, while disappointed about the loss, remained positive.

“You can feel the spirit in the air tonight and we’re still so proud of our school,” said Kenzie Labadie, a sophomore. “That’s all that matters.”


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